In ink

Maybe everyone has one or several unrealized dreams, which make you spend your whole life pursuing. Life is only the beauty that comes out, but not the glory that comes out. Without painstaking efforts, there would be no dazzling brilliance. I remember a story whose main idea was that there were two stones, one of […]


Today is my mother’s death day. Four years passed quickly, and the immortal passed away, leaving only scattered memories and endless thoughts for the living. I was the only one missing for the four siblings. They only shed a few lines of tears in the South thousands of miles away, and only wrote a few […]


The long-length novel The Price of Love change, created by young and middle-aged writers Liu Xingbin and Huang duoliang in Jiangxi province, has been officially published and released by Baishan Publishing House recently. The price of love change is a classic masterpiece in 2015 among writers in Jiangxi province. It is not only a romantic […]


Calmness is a kind of state of mind, which is the cultivation of high quality after hard training of thoughts. In today’s society full of temptations and traps, it is not easy to maintain a good attitude. Only by experiencing life with a good attitude can we find the true meaning of life. A person’s […]

Do a

I was disappointed all my life. I couldn’t get the reward from others even if I struggled hard. However, I was not angry with cowardice or discouraged, so I decided to be a confident woman. Build the world with your own strength in life, and win people’s appreciation with your true talents and hard work. […]

You is

In Grade 9, he and I were divided into the same class. At that time, he sat behind me and we were divided into the same group. There are four girls and two boys in our group. Every time it was our turn to work together, these two boys would be lazy. Their reason was […]

? +

Keeping the warmth like the sun, watching the world full of troubles, the sound of knocking was clear but strange. At this time, the sky was getting dark, and there was no doubt that the orange color of canyang went down to the West, let alone the snow scattered in the folds of the mountain; […]


Literature, as the most active spirit beating in human spiritual genealogy, has always maintained the foundation of sense, wisdom and emotion of social people: either weaving the fragrant garland of pure people or digging the dark tombs of devils. Literature is also a kind of self-conscious life awareness or consciousness state, and is often regarded […]

xia ru

Summer is like flowers, with a wisp of breeze, listen to a cicada! I still slept soundly in the spring dream. No, it was the dense rain that caught my tired heart and the withered soul harvested by the scyck with rain. This time when I went to the countryside, I really came home. This […]


The husband preferred her daughter, and he said that her daughter was the gentleness in his palm! My daughter is the second child in my family. As the first generation of only child in China, our husband and wife are also the first batch to apply for the second child index as double single identity. […]